We loved growing oysters since 1996!

But new beginnings for Chris and Linda, instead of farming the oysters we now take visitors to Coffin Bay on our oyster boat for farm tours.


Clean fresh air, pure clear waters and pristine landscape everywhere you turn, what a workplace. There are still many oyster farmers working hard to produce those famous oysters for you to enjoy.

After many years of taking family and friends out to see all the action of the oyster farms at the entrance to the Coffin Bay, we decided it was time to share this epic part of the world with others to enjoy as well.

We know from feedback over the years that visiting the waterways of Coffin Bay and the oyster farms have been the highlight of holiday trips of friends and family visiting from other parts of Australia and overseas. Now we are going to share the magic with other visitors to enjoy!

Don't forget the oysters are grown just as nature intended.

Not fed they just graze off all the nutrient packed waters that flow into Coffin Bay. 

Hope to see you soon for a visit with us!

Chris and Linda Hank of Pure Coffin Bay Oysters

Chris and Linda Hank of Pure Coffin Bay Oysters