Experience our Pure Coffin Bay Oysters from Australia's Seafood Frontier and enjoy one of nature's true delights.

We are proud of our World Class Pacific Oysters produced in the remote, unspoilt and pure waters of Coffin Bay.

Our oysters are grown just as nature intended. We don't feed them they just graze off all the nutrient packed waters that flow into Coffin Bay. Farming practices evolve and change constantly as we strive to produce that best possible oyster for you to enjoy.


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Pure Celebrations Oyster

Pure Celebrations

The perfect oyster for any celebration!

Whether that’s an evening with friends or a cause to let your hair down. Crisp, petite and enticing, perfected in the pristine waters of Coffin Bay. Dress us any way you like to suit your occasion.

We are sweet, bite-sized and great fun. Who doesn’t want to celebrate with someone like that?


Pure Delights Oysters

Pure Delights

A single companion, a single candle, a glass of bubbly...

We will tease your senses – our clean crisp taste, refined in the pure waters of Coffin Bay, our silky texture complementing any topping you choose to delight in. The mouthfeel of each bite will tantalise.

Teasing the other senses? That’s up to you!


Pure Perfections Oysters

Pure Perfections

Make your first impression last!

We are the ultimate in entertainment – we look good but we perform better. Perfect for impressing the in-laws or the new boss when you lay a plate of Perfections as the centrepiece to your dinner party.

Like the pure waters of Coffin Bay, we are clean in palate and silken in texture. Dress us to impress... and like any good entertainment, you’ll be asked for an encore.


Pure Classic Oyster

Pure Class

The perfect seafood for any celebration!

 Understated in flavour but very much centre stage in your lunch or dinner menu. Real chefs will love our flexibility – our clean taste and firm texture works with just about any culinary creation and any flavour you can throw at us.

Taste the ocean but with your creativity, the sky’s the limit.

Pure Luxuries Oysters

Pure Luxuries

The oyster for true oyster lovers!

 The fillet steak of the sea. Our flavour has matured in the pristine waters of Coffin Bay and only the most mature palate will appreciate the journey to your plate.

Forget Kilpatrick... you’ll enjoy our intense flavour with a simple dash of any dressing. Take your time with us and savour every mouthful. If you’re serious about oysters, you deserve Pure Luxury.

Pure History Oysters

Pure History

A moment in time!

 Pure quality from a time before the modern world took over. Fished to near-extinction over 100 years, Pure Coffin Bay Oysters has revived the Native Angasi oyster.

Taste an oyster with timeless quality and elegance. Treat your guests to Pure History – glamour and full flavoured oysters with finesse.

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