Farm Tours

Take a tour with the farmer himself to take a close up look at those world famous Coffin Bay Oysters.

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Oyster Farm & Bay Tour - 3hr

Oyster farm & bay tour. Mid morning or an afternoon affair. The new oyster bar and seats are mounted on the boat. The oyster farmer is your host. Explore the waterways of Coffin Bay and visit our oyster farm for fresh oyster tastings straight from the sea.

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Oyster Farm Tour Short & Sweet - 1hr

Coffin Bay Oyster Farm Tour - Short & Sweet. Visit the waterway adjacent to the Coffin Bay township. Visit Kellidie Bay oyster farms and the original farm, cruise around the Coffin Bay township waterway. The oyster farmer is your host.

Coffin Bay Oyster Boat Tour

Explore the waterways and oyster farms.

Clean fresh air, pure clear waters and pristine landscape everywhere you turn! Travel 16km from the Coffin Bay township by boat to see the home of the world famous Coffin Bay oysters.

What a simply unique and perfect concept. It’s the added extras that make this tour so good.. .the hosts, the wine, the camaraderie and the information. I have done many tours the past few years all over the world... bottom line is you get what you pay for. This tour and experience is second to none.... highly recommend it for any lovers of oysters. I would pay and do it again. Simply brilliant 

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